Well, what do you think this area about? And yes, you got it right, it's about that special day almost two years ago that made Lens & Lori Land turn up side down: The Wedding! And yes, our rulers of Lens & Lori Land, Lens and Lori are still married. As the inhabitants remember, as well as the wedding guests, it was a great event. If you want to see the pictures or look at the rest of the (old) wedding site then your're at the right place.

The wedding site is now more then two years old, the first version was made for all the guest and, of course, other people who were interested. On the site you could RSVP, sign the e-guestbook and add comments. Also there was (and still is) information about the area where it was held (Newport Beach, County of Orange, California), the venue (a boat), the participants (check out the picture of Lens' Brother at age six as well as Lori's brother at a New Years Party). The site was visited frequently and esspecially the out of town guests appriciated the information about Newport Beach and it's surroundings. After the wedding almost 200 pictures were put up, thanks to Lens's dads new digital camera. So now, let's not hold you back any longer and come and see the sights of the Wedding Quater of Lens & Lori Land.

BTW The Rulers of Lens & Lori Land, Lens and Lori would like to mention that none of the special event would have happened without the special care and effort of the LLWDC Agency (Lens & Lori Wedding Day Coordinating Agency), in the form of Mary K. Parsons (also known for her blockbuster activity for Mary K. (and yes, the name helped!)).