The best view you can get at Lens & Lori Land is through the pictures (only to be used for promotional purposes, no reprints or publishing allowed without permission) which the Bureau for Promotion and Marketing of L&LL releases when they get available. In this little area you will find all the pictures collected that can be found in L&L country. Most of them might be known as newly publishes pictures or collections of pictures are always mentioned on the homepage. Yet some of them you might have missed... Browse around and enjoys the sights and vistas of Lens & Lori Land in Kodak Color.

Yes, they had a party. Now you can see the pictures of the party. Just random. But thats the internet: Publish What You Have! The theme was: "Long Live the Fall and Lets practice for the Xmas Dinners!". And they did on October 18th 2002.
The latest is the Tim & Connie collection. This set was taken between December 21st 2001 and January 3rd 2002, when Lori's family invaded Europe. Say Hello to Mary, Steve, Jason, Tim, Connie, Raelene, Tony, Josh, Jenifer, Kevin and Kelly. Also you might see some of Lens's family.
Of course you can't and won't miss the L&L Tour d'France Collection (August 2001). All the way from Maastricht to the south of France, a mozaic of impressions and just normal bike pictures of their experience, along with their travel proze.
The weddig is something that will not be forgotten, not by Lens and Lori and not by the guests. Lens's dad bought a digital camera just in time so here they are, the weddingpictures.

Apart from the collection above there are the random picture collections made for various purposes. A selection: