If you need to know how to get to their residence we refer to the maps as presented in this section. They should be helpfull in locating their residence. Of course everybody is welcome, if you want to make sure they are there, send an email first.

Of course many of you people would like to come into contact with Lens & Lori. Before we get into how you could do that here is the procedure. All contact is stricly managed since so many of you send letters and what not. The monitoring and management of all contact is handeled by the Public Relations Bureau of L&LL. This means that they will pass all emails when appropriate to Lens & Lori. If you're lucky you get a personal response, otherwise the secretaries of the Public Relations Bureau of L&LL will handle the replies. On this page you will find the email form you can use to contact Lens and Lori.

Public Relations Bureau of L&LL

Route Maps

The Train, Tram or Metro are all good ways to travel to Lens and Lori's. If you come by any of these modes of transport then this is the map for you. And also if you come by bike, although then you might also want to have a look at the other maps. Amstelstation is where you want to get off form either the Train, Tram or Metro, then just use the map for the route. Note that it is not really a map but more of an arieal picture of the area. This should be even easier then an actual map. Of the Walking Map, as it is called, there is a web version and PDF version available.
If you come by car the are a lot of ways to get to the residence of Lens and Lori. The most often used routes and "Ring Exits" are found on this map. It does not explain how to get to Amsterdam but that shouldn't be a problem. Use the General Map which is the the third one to get a feel of the area in more detail. Of the Driving Map there is a web version and a PDF version.
This map can be used to get a feel of the area where Lens and Lori live. Some info is given yet use one of the other maps is you need directions to drive or if you come by public transportation. There is a web version and a PDF version.

Contact Form

Just fill in the form below to get into contact with Lori & Lens. You can also use the email address of Public Relations Bureau of L&LL: prb@lens-fitzgerald.com.

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